chILL In Your Spine

Jouni "Jopo" Rantanen - vocals, guitar
Eero Koivu - guitar
Heikki Korhonen - drums
Helend "Hellu" Jantsikene - bass

2002 - the brighter the nights (EP)
2004 - what counts (EP)
2008 - controlled chaos (LP)
2010 - in your spine (promo)
2015 - artificially alive (EP)

“Are you tired of the narrow minded and often impersonal music we are being force-fed every day?”

"Would you like to hear something genuine and special in these hollow times of superficial recycled entertainment?"

Finnish chILL blends catchy grunge driven rock and modern metal with a twist. Intense vocals and monster metal riffs mixed with plenty of catchy hooks, leads and melodies will leave you wanting more.

“American NuMetal reminding of Korn to Metalcore-minted blasting a là Finnish Nicole, while the entity suggests a lot of Swedish banging influences as Meshuggah, The Haunted or One Man Army. Topped off with catchy chorus lines that make Diablo blush yellow-green” — Alexandra Zichow @ www.tuskasi.com

Since formed in 1995, the band has toured and released EPs and singles along their own independent route towards their full album "Controlled Chaos" released in 2008 by Twisted Entertainment and disputed worldwide. The band is now celebrating their 20th anniversary and ready to break a five year silence with an explosion by releasing a new EP "Artificially Alive".

"I love the intensity of the emotionally driven music. As sick as it sounds, I love the pain and angst within. The music is so perfectly collaborated it guides you harmoniously through each tragic emotion. Each little mini over lead simply creates atmosphere and steers you through the turbulent river” — Dèa di Mortè @ www.mysticmetal.com.au

A lyric-artwork video for new song "Recycled Unentertainment" can already be found online and a music video for "Nonbeliever" will be released to promote the EP on it's release date. With this new record the band is fully reborn and ready to take on the world.

“chILL is something entirely different than your usual metal band. It is an open-minded band with something genuine and special. Hate it or love it, just try to keep an open mind.” — Bato @ www.metal-revolution.com